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Laptop Bags for sale is available on our online shop. Buy Keyboard & Mouse Combo at affordable price and shop Mouse, mouse pads, memory from our wide collection of computer accessories. Keyboard & Mouse Combo helps to reduce strain on your hands, wrists, and arms, and more comfortable for you to work for longer periods of time.

Accessories for sale at Wholesale price

Accessories of computer and laptop for sale help to improve productivity, connectivity, and personalization. Our wide collection of accessories for computer includes enclosure 2.5 SATA USB, laptop Security Lock, cooling fan for laptop, power strip, laptop keyboard protector. Not only those but also we have collection of keyboard protector, computer power cord, cat5e Ethernet cable webcam and card reader. Buy computer accessories at affordable cost from our online shop. We sell our accessories at wholesale price, and you can buy it at retail price. Contact us for shop.

Top quality Laptop Bags/ Backpacks for sale at Wholesale Price

Top quality laptop bags or backpacks are available on our online store. We have arrange our online shop with leather laptop bag, laptop case, Notebook Backpack. If you think you need the best quality laptop bag contect with us because our laptop bags or backpacks for sale is affordable wholesale price.

Keyboard & Mouse Combo for sale at Wholesale Price

Keyboard & Mouse Combo is our best collection. You will get USB keyboard, wireless keyboard and mouse combo,  apple iPad keyboard in our online store. We offers cheap price to purchase keyboard and mouse combo. You can buy single product from our online shop. 

Buy Memory at Wholesale Price

Are you looking to buy memory for your computer or laptop at wholesale price? You are at the right place. We sell the best quality memory for computer and Laptop. The memory includes computer ram, ddr3 ram, ddr3 desktop ram, ddr4 ram, ddr4 desktop ram. Select your choice and shop memory for your computer and laptop.

Best Mouse pads for sale at wholesale Price

Best Mouse pad for sale is a flat pad that is placed under a computer mouse to provide a smooth surface for the mouse to move on. Sope mouse pads to improve the accuracy and speed of the mouse, as well as to protect the surface of the desk or table from scratches caused by the movement of the mouse.

High quality Mouse for Sale at wholesale price

Are you searching high quality mouse for your computer and laptop? What type of mouse do you need? We have wide range of wireless mouse, USB mouse and wireless optical mouse. What type of mouse do you want? we offer affordable price for mouse and shop from our online store.

Shop Computer Accessories from Techy Extra

shop computer accessories from Techy Extra is a reputable and reliable wholesaler that offers a wide selection of computer accessories at competitive prices. We provide detailed product descriptions and specifications, as well as customer reviews and ratings, to make decision. We ensure fast shipping options, return policies, and customer support when choosing to shop for computer accessories.


Q. What is computer Accessories?

Ans. Computer accessories are devices or peripherals that enhance the functionality of a computer. They include items such as keyboards, mice, monitors, printers, scanners, speakers, webcams, and external hard drives, among others. These accessories connect to a computer to improve its performance or provide additional features.

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